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Osteopathic treatment has been used for over 100 years to treat a wide variety of complaints and illnesses. Through a detailed understanding of the interconnectedness of the many systems of the body an osteopath can use gentle manual treatments to remove the obstacles to healing.

Osteopathic physicians are fully trained and licensed to practice all aspects of modern medicine. Those of us who choose to specialize in manipulative medicine use the knowledge gathered by Andrew Taylor Still, MD, to work in the classic osteopathic style. Rather than rely on pharmaceuticals to alter the operation of the body's chemical systems, the osteopath affects the operation of the biophysical systems to bring about a state of improved function.

For treatment of strains, pains and other musculoskeletal system issues, the osteopath is adept at relieving the symptoms by getting at the root cause of the problem. Some popular manipulative treatments use force to overpower the body to take it where the practitioner wants it to go. This approach often leads to short term improvement without long term healing. By listening to the body's inner wisdom and moving in the direction the body is trying to go, the osteopathic treatment brings about healing on many levels. Remember: successful treatment in an otherwise healthy person means that you eventually don't need to keep going back for more treatment.

Complex and longstanding problems often have a basis in the physical elements of the body. If other treatment has not worked, or the patient prefers a less toxic/invasive approach, osteopathy may provide an answer. By working with the muscles, bones and ligaments as well as circulatory, nervous, and lymphatic systems, many types of illness or symptoms can be improved. Issues that might not seem treatable by manual methods can sometimes have positive changes with osteopathic care.

Osteopathy may not be as well known as some other types of health care, but it has been used by many famous people through the years. It has stood the test of time and dedicated practitioners go through years of rigorous training to be able to provide this gentle, natural and effective treatment to people who need. it.

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